Trash Ordinance

Where Do You Stash Your Trash?

Did you know that where you keep your trash containers is outlined by City Ordinance in order to keep St. Charles looking its best? Section ยง245.060 states the following:

  1. It shall be unlawful to place or keep garbage or rubbish containers or containers for recyclables on any public street or alley, except on private property; provided however, that such containers may be placed on designated locations on public streets or alleys on collection days for a sufficient length of time to permit the City or its authorized collector to make collection of such garbage or rubbish.
  2. Containers for garbage, rubbish or recyclables shall be placed and at all times kept on private property in either the rear yard or the side yard behind the front building line; provided however, that on collection days such containers shall be placed in plain view of the rear of the premises when the premises are adjacent to the alley and collection is done from the alley. When the premises are not adjacent to the alley and the collection is done from a street, then such containers shall, on collection days, be placed in plain view adjacent to the curb in front of such premises. No container may be placed for collection prior to 5 p.m. of the day before the scheduled pickup. At no time shall containers be stored in the front yard, a porch or in front of a garage; provided, however, upon a showing of undue hardship the City Administrator may exempt a residence from the storage requirement.
  3. It shall be the duty of the householder or person in charge of the premises to remove containers from the premises adjacent to the street curb not later than Midnight of the day of pickup. If more than one (1) container is necessary to hold the garbage, rubbish or recyclables accumulating on the premises or if more than one (1) container is used for the garbage, rubbish or recyclables from any building, all containers shall be placed at the same location for collection.